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i do not fucking care where you live

please spread the word about what is happening in scotland right now

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On the topic of Scottish independence, which has completely rocked my country today… (may be of interest to some, but mostly a chance for me to vent my frustrations.)


'Reports emerge of violence in Glasgow’s City Centre tonight as groups unofficially aligned with the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ sides of the Scottish Independence Referendum continue to taunt each other in the streets.’

ALSO: Pro union skinheads taunt defeated Scots independents

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Anonymous asked: It will be exciting to see the outcome tomorrow!!! Like you said, I'm just hoping whether it is a yes or a no we can all keep the peace between us! (also thank you for letting me spam your dash with my questions, but it's interesting to hear from someone actually in scotland!) Good luck for tomorrow :)

Sleepless night ahead for me, haha! I’m fully stocked with chocolate for the night ahead, going to try and stay up late for the duration (although that’s probably a bit ambitious!!). And don’t worry, I’m happy to speak about it, at least you now have one Scottish perspective! :) Thank you lovely anon, all the best!! xx

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Anonymous asked: 'hahah lol no way is scotland going to be independent' and now everyone is seeing how serious it is! i think the major scare here is that is if scotland struggle financially if there's a yes, then england might have to bail scotland out. So as you can imagine there is a bitterness between views of the yes and no supporters. It sounds like people you know are very passionate about it, I would say where I am people discuss it but haven't really let it sink in that it could be a reality xx (2)

Yep, it’s all gotten pretty serious! I think it was kind of a joke here for some people for a while, it’s only been in the past few months that I’ve seen everyone taking it really seriously. And I can see why that would be a cause for concern - I feel like we’re somewhat isolating ourselves, the other countries in the union aren’t going to be particularly chuffed if we get Yes and have to extract from shared national services - expensive not just for us, but for everyone! And I have been very impressed by the level of passion in Scotland, no matter what the outcome is. This referendum has got people really interested in politics, it’s sure to be the biggest voting turn out we’ve ever had (and potentially WILL ever have, in my lifetime for sure!). Exciting to be a part of history, but really scary too!! So much pressure! xx



finally the day has come to post this

I’m sorry but it’s true

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Anonymous asked: hi again! The general feeling in the south is that we want Scotland to stay in the union (although there are a few who disagree) The royal family, PM and all the newspapers are really pushing for england to show their support for scotland so that they might stay. I personally agree and think it would be very sad if we were to be divided, i love the uk (national pride haha!) Do the people you know generally agree with 'no'?

I’m with you on the whole national pride thing!! I am really proud of Scotland, and love my country to death (it’s always going to be home, no matter where I end up in life), but I am also a really proud Brit. I have always considered myself British, and across the nation we all share really common values. And I am really proud of the Union. I think a lot of people have come in to this a little bit blinded by their anger with the current government, which I understand, but this is a choice we can’t just simply reverse in four years time if we decide we’re not liking it all that much. I hope that if we do get a No, Westminster will get a bit of a scare and realise the importance of allowing all the countries within the Union their own autonomy and powers over how their country runs.

To me, the SNP have just not thought this through properly, and there are still so many unanswered concerns and big fat question marks hanging over our heads. And to me it’s incredibly childish for some of the more passionate ‘Yessers’ to accuse those of us who are legitimately concerned of simply being ‘scaremongerers’. I’m aware not all people view us this way, but it has been incredible hurtful having people tell me to ‘piss of to England’ for my views, and to have people tell me that I’m a traitor to my own country. I’ve done my research, and months worth of reading, and I am comfortable with the way I have voted.

In terms of the feeling up here, it really is a mixed bag. VERY close between the two camps. Obviously, because the vast majority of my friends are Scottish, it has completely dominated my newsfeed on FB for months now…the last few days have been particularly intense. It’s near half and half from posts that I’ve seen. but I’m aware that the Yes group have been a little more vocal. Most of my close friends and family are No, but I’ve made it clear to my Yes friends that I still love them dearly - it would really break my heart if my friends saw me differently. But thankfully we’re all in the same boat, and I hope we continue to have the maturity to not let our political standpoints get in the way of relationships. :)))

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If you’re scared about your country’s uncertain future and you know it, clap your hands

*clap fucking clap*

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Anonymous asked: hi, out of interest are you a 'yes' or a 'no' for scottish independence (i live in the south of england so v. curious xx)

Hi there! :) I am personally voting no to Scottish Independence, for lots of different reasons. Hence why I’m really rather nervous…it’s going to be a very close result no matter what happens!! Although I am very much looking forward to returning to normality after this election, no matter which way it goes, when things (hopefully) calm down a little and it doesn’t dominate everything. Thankfully I haven’t lost any friends over my political views, and I respect everyone’s right to a democratic vote, but it would be very sad to think that our nation carries on divided and angry. I’d be really interested to know what the perspective of reporting has been like in the South of England, I really have no idea how other people outside of Scotland view it! xxx

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If you’re Scottish and want to be sick from nerves put your hands up 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

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"The day will come when you need them to respect you, even fear you a little. Laughter is  p o i s o n  to fear.”

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